The Will of God is the Obligation to Love

A collection of writings

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by Jessa O’My Heart

First Edition 2009
Printed in Australia
ISBN 978-0-646-50662-3

Available in paperback and Deluxe Hard cover with slip case
.The contents of this book have been gathered from formal and informal writings; articles, statements, dictations, conversations with, and poetry by the author known as Jessa O’My Heart, during the years 1996 – 2008. The author refers to them as ‘Scraps’ or ‘Scribbles’. Those of us who love and recognise the author’s ecstatic understanding of the nature of existence have gathered and presented his writings here, in the form of this publication, for the enjoyment of those who read with an open mind and heart, in the hope that they are found to be inspiring and illuminating.

“Those of us who awaken as the reality that is love are absolutely unconcerned about our future since such a future is always outlined in love, and therefore, that destiny is love; and such a destiny does not at last travel in darkness or with dark companions in the woe of crisis after crisis and the ultimate demise in the degradation of human existence. Such a one does not make the present moment merely a springboard into some future moment, but is altogether lost in the present moment of only love, Only God and therefore lives only as present forms of enjoyment.”

In this book, Jessa O’My Heart has revised and updated articles from his previous books; The Chone Letters and The Scribbles From Beyond the Gap as well as the poetry and Haiku from The Beloved Holds Me Fast in Forever.
There are many new articles, conversation notes and dictations from the last few years to enjoy and reflect upon and an extensive glossary has been added.

Included for the first time, a 3 page introduction to the author written by Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss (excerpts follow):

“… Jessa O’My Heart’s entire life has been dedicated to the process of understanding. His birth was for the sake of penetrating the vision and identification to mortal life. He was driven by the impulse to discover the nature of existence and thus to awaken beyond the dream of the usual or conventional form that this worldly realm alludes to be…
…Jessa’s journey within consciousness is an ‘arrow’ of one-pointedness to have every area of existence touched by light….”

Set of boxed Will of God quotation cards

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The following collection of cards contain select lines from various articles in the book, “The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love”, by Jessa O’ My Heart.

This book is truly an outpouring of love and these cards have been created to inspire us to engage this pure wisdom in our daily life.
They are ecstatic communication that draw us to the Heart’s Remembrance of the Truth of us.

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