Come to the Heart

In simple Light Come to the Heart. We have walked in eons of seemingness Come to the Heart. We have huddled weaving our philosophies Come to the Heart. We tracked the beast and named it love Come to the Heart. We have seen in endless play The hesitant hand In fearful suspension, moved to dance … Continue reading

Living on the Basis of Obviousness

It is the ‘usual’ illusion to imagine one’s life unfolds as the result of a multitude of decision-making processes. This presumes that there is such a thing as decision-making and, as the decider has made his or her choice, there is somehow a free course of action that is somehow the ‘right way to go’. … Continue reading

The Contemplation of Human Suffering and Real Life

No doubt the world is filled with terrible personas, as we know, yet even the worst of these daemons that shock us with their foul deeds deserve love. It is easy to judge those who enact serious transgressions against us, yet rather than seek revenge; we need to be reminded of the terrible circumstance we … Continue reading

Esotericism – The Open Secret

Esoteric is impossible to define. Esoteric is simply not accessible by the ‘usual’ mind. It is an open secret, because there are no eyes to see, no ears to hear, everything is ensconced within the rational degeneration of reason, wherein we are unable to see that all of this that appears to be – the … Continue reading

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