The Taligen Man Press

Taligen Man Press Pty Ltd was created to publish and distribute Jessa O’My Heart’s writings and other sacred works.

Those of us who love and recognise the author’s ecstatic understanding of the nature of existence have gathered and presented his writings and recordings in the form of various publications, for the enjoyment, inspiration and illumination of those who read them with an open mind and heart.

Environmental Commitment: The Deluxe version of The Will of God is the Obligation to Love is printed with vegetable-soy based ink on paper certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC is committed to sustainable forest management through third party forest certification of responsibly managed forests.

The Deluxe version of The Will of God is the Obligation to Love is proudly printed and bound in Australia by Ligare Bookprinters who are certified by FSC and PEFC. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Publications Taligen Man Press has a range of publications ranging from Books to CD Recordings. To view a list of the range of books we supply, please click here The full list of additional media is on its way, stay tuned.


The Author


The Deaf, Dumb & Blind Boy

Who is the deaf man?

One whose ears are stretched to the Infinite:

Listening to the Eternal Spire of Sound.

Who is the dumb man?

One whose voice is drowned

in the cadence of Angel’s song.

Who is the blind man?

One who lives in Brightness, without shadow:

The Eternal Spire of Light.

I am He, the deaf, dumb and blind boy.

“… Jessa O’My Heart’s entire life has been dedicated to the process of understanding. His birth was for the sake of penetrating the vision and identification to mortal life. He was driven by the impulse to discover the nature of existence and thus to awaken beyond the dream of the usual or conventional form that this worldly realm alludes to be…… Jessa’s journey within consciousness is an ‘arrow’ of one-pointedness to have every area of existence touched by light….”

(Quoted from an introduction from his life long companion and ‘philosopher’s stone’ –  Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – in the Will of God is the Obligation to Love”

In the words of the author:

“I would have been something, had nothing not appealed more”

The Alchymist

Jessa O’My Heart is also the ‘Alchymist’ of Hermes Far Eastern Shining. To find out more about the Transformative Alchymeic Energy Products produced  by Hermes Far Eastern Shining, click here.

Important Disclaimer

The author makes no claim about the contents of this website and the author and the publisher do not intend the books, recordings  or any part of it to be or to constitute diagnosis or treatment for any condition, whether physical or otherwise. You, the reader, are responsible for your own health, whether by way of action or in-action, as well as your other actions, beliefs, social and spiritual decisions. If you need help with your health, please seek advice from appropriate qualified professionals.

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