The Contemplation of Human Suffering and Real Life

No doubt the world is filled with terrible personas, as we know, yet even the worst of these daemons that shock us with their foul deeds deserve love. It is easy to judge those who enact serious transgressions against us, yet rather than seek revenge; we need to be reminded of the terrible circumstance we all find ourselves in. This reminder felt most deeply can restore us to the true form of real life wherein we are filled with compassion and therefore forgiveness.

From the point of view of Truth: All of us are transgressors, in that we fail to truly awaken to love, and therefore we spend our lives communicating to one another that which is less than love and so is, therefore, destructive upon each of us. Therefore, from the point of view of Truth, so to speak: The worst of us and the best of us are equivalent, in that we fail to love, even though we may be receiving the highest social accolades.

The failure to love has no degrees. It is either the case that we love or that we do not, and all of that failure to love is the zero of the world in crisis. The vigilante mentality must be replaced by the disposition whereby each blow that we receive only moves us to greater and greater compassion. If we could all do this; we would cease to feed the daemon of heartlessness that now possesses the world.

‘Turning the other cheek’ is not something that needs to be done to show the world that we are one of the good guys. It needs to be done in order to heal the tragic state of humanity and the world, and this is the only way beyond the present dreadful circumstance we all find ourselves in. There has never been and never will be an expedient plan of individuals or governments that could ever replace our responsibility to love under all conditions (even those of extreme transgressions) against us.

Even the most homely and mild of us are feeding the great machine of violence and hate if we have failed to be love. We have failed to love if we are living at the level of ‘self’ and ‘other’ exploitation whereby merely the functional possibilities of the body are what we make the stuff of our relationships to one another. What needs to be the stuff of our lives and living consciousness, and our living relationships to one another, is the awakened intimacy with the living Divine, which is love, which is reality, which is the Truth of us.

May all of us rush speedily to embrace this destiny that is our only true destiny and the only awakened disposition that is real life.


The Contemplation of Human Suffering and Real Life, The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love, 2008. By Jessa O’My Heart

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