Living on the Basis of Obviousness

It is the ‘usual’ illusion to imagine one’s life unfolds as the result of a multitude of decision-making processes. This presumes that there is such a thing as decision-making and, as the decider has made his or her choice, there is somehow a free course of action that is somehow the ‘right way to go’.

However, both the decision-making process and the advent of the ‘right way to go’ are both purely the mortal destiny of the individual. There is no real choice offered at the level of destiny, no matter what the decider may think about that. Thinking about anything is not reality and if it is not reality, it is not free. So is there a way to relate to all of this mortal vision – that is the ‘usual’ life, the ‘usual’ destiny – and have any level of freedom in such a relationship? Clearly, all the weighty deliberation of the ‘usual’ person would be nullified if there were such a thing as obviousness. For something to be obvious it would be necessary to immediately penetrate the illusion of multiple possibility.

So, is there such a thing as moving on the basis of obviousness needing no deliberation whatsoever? We can assert there is – if we see the true form of relationship to this conventional condition of the ‘usual’ life is bringing everything into the form of reality – and this stands over against the multitude of apparent possibilities. Bringing everything into the form of reality is not about possibility, but about revelation: How we are to move is revealed to us, and what is revealed to us in such a way is seen in our heartfelt relationship to be utterly obvious. Moving on the basis of obviousness is a free creative relationship to life, undoing the slavish destiny of the stepping stone approach of decisions. The decider lacks trust and seeks control. Obviousness is about trust not control. In any case, the control of the ‘usual’ person is only an illusion – if only because if we were really in charge we would not choose sickness and ultimately death.

“Living on the Basis of Obviousness”, The Will Of God Is The Obligation To Love, 2008. By Jessa O’My Heart

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