Come to the Heart

In simple Light
Come to the Heart.
We have walked in eons of seemingness
Come to the Heart.
We have huddled weaving our philosophies
Come to the Heart.
We tracked the beast and named it love
Come to the Heart.
We have seen in endless play
The hesitant hand
In fearful suspension, moved to dance always farewell
Come to the Heart.
The Heart is all and you come in simple light
And there you always were and never other than that
Come to the Heart.
And you come when all else has departed
When hail and farewell dissolve in abiding Love
Come to the Heart.
Come to where you always were
From where you never left
Come to the Heart.
Though the path seemed endless
Not one step has moved along its way
Come to the Heart.
Journeys without end only seemed so
And you and I are the journey
That only seemed so
Come to the Heart.

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